I’d like to welcome you to the future. A future of sustainable human existence. A future where the greatest pursuit is happiness. Welcome to our little garden.

We’re the Concinnae Family. We’re an intentional family. Having universally grown up supremely unhappy, we’ve decided that life as we were taught wasn’t worth the effort. We’ve decided to live a other way. One of the goals we have sustainable living, which is easier with homegrown food. So we’re starting a garden.

We utilize permaculture principles in most of our projects now, with this being our first. We’ll have several zones, including a kitchen garden, two food forests, and some wild zones.

This is the food forest in the front. It’s public property as far as I’m concerned, so drop by and get involved.


Pile of debris dropped off by this guy I pulled up behind on his way to the dump. Had a truck load of yard debris and bagged leaves. They’ll go to the hooglekulture for the front forest.

These are from the family garden in the back.


This is about 1/3 of the leaves from the guy from above. I made three piles that big from the leaves.


A BURNation warrior guards the kitchen garden next to a 75% dug out treasure trough.