So way back in early december I “planted” some garlic out into one of the garden beds. They started peeking through the mulch layer they were growing in and I figured I’d bless them with a better home. I did have that bed already trenched out. So last night I went ahead and layered in plenty of mulch and dirt and planted out some red potatoes and garlic. Here’s the foursquare check in from this morning when I took some photos.

Garden Overview - morning 1/10/2012

I love looking at these nice overviews as they really give you a great perspective on what you've accomplished. Bottom Left (garlic, onion, honey hole, nursery niche (pecans, apples, sage)); Middle Left (fallow), Top Left (potatoes), Top Right (red potatoes, garlic, treasure trough), Top (hooglekulture, pumpkins, onions)

Onions and Garlic in their new home

And here we're getting ready to spruce up the new neighborhood for the garlic and potatoes we planted last night. From left to right, hooglekulture for pumpkins, garlic and red potatoes, and a fallow bed.

Same bed as above, but with fresh leaves piled high for mulch.

And we've spruced the neighborhood up a bit. We planted in the pumpkins on the hooglekulture to the right (along with a nice plastic flower pulled from the leaf bags). We then piled the donated leaves along the foundation wall and over the fallow bed we'll be adding in the near future.